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Strengthening family life through friendship and faith

Introduction to the Catenian Association
In the largely secular world of today, the Catenian Association exists to nurture friendship amongst Catholic men and their families. The Association is proudly Catholic, and the commitment of its members to the support of this ethos enriches their faith and their lives. The Catenian Association is an international brotherhood of Catholic men who meet socially, usually once a month, at local branches known as “Circles”.

The Catenian Association offers opportunities to:

  • Meet and pray with fellow Catholics with similar values
  • Become part of a close community offering lifelong support and friendship
  • Be part of an organisation which values friendship and social activity with other Catholic Families
  • Respond to initiatives and undertake good work for the benefit of others.
  • The Association is non party-political and is neither a fund-raising agent nor Catholic action pressure group.

It’s about faith, fun, family and friendship and we are proudly Catholic

Full details are available at the main Association Website.

History of the Catenian Association
The Association was founded in 1908 in Manchester, as The Chums Benevolent Association. Two years later, it adopted the present title of The Catenian Association.

Circles are grouped into Provinces, and there are circles throughout Australia, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malta, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Aims of the Catenian Association

  • To foster brotherly love among the members.
  • To develop social bonds among the members and their families.
  • To advance the interests of members and their dependants by individual or collective action.
  • To advance the interests of young Catholics and to assist them in the choice or pursuit of a career.
  • To establish, maintain and administer benevolent funds.
  • To promote and support The Catenian Association Benevolent and Children’s Fund (“the Benevolent Fund”) and Catenian Bursary Fund (“the Bursary Fund”)

Members belong to ‘Circles’, of which there are 10 in Province 3 North, which covers North, East and West Yorkshire. The number refers to the order in which they were inaugurated, the lower numbers being the most senior circles. They include Ampleforth, Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, City of Leeds, Wetherby, Wharfedale  (based in Ilkley) and York. Province 3 South covers South Yorkshire  and Lincolnshire and has circles nearby in Wakefield, Barnsley, Doncaster,  Sheffield Hallam, Lincoln, Grimsby and Scunthorpe.

There are monthly meetings, often followed by some type of refreshments ranging from a meal to a buffet. In addition there is a range of other social and spiritual activities which usually involves family members.

There is an indefinable bond which makes the Association remarkably different from other organizations and there is a wide range of ages.

Potential Members are invited to get to know the Association before they make a decision to join.

Social Functions
Each Circle determines its own programme. There are however a number of annual events which are common to most Circles. A few of them are detailed below.

  • We organise monthly events such as visiting speakers, entertainments such as quizzes, competitions, early dining meals and other events.
  •          Visits to places of interest
  •          An annual weekend away suitable for walkers and non-walkers

President’s Sunday. This is a family event usually in June and starting with Mass at the parish of the President followed by a social event of the President’s choosing.

Clergy Night. This is an evening where the Circle invites the local clergy to a social evening.

Annual Dinner. This is usually a formal dinner, often followed by a dance, to which all President’s in the Providence are invited as guests of the Circle. All Brothers are urged to attend this function and bring guests with them if possible.

Mass for Deceased Brother. This is usually celebrated at the November Circle meeting. Circle widows often join the Brothers and their wives for this event.

Eligibility for Membership
Membership is open to all men who are and who remain practising Catholics. To be a practising Catholic you must be a regular communicant of the Catholic Church. Members are expected to attend meetings regularly and to send apologies with reasons if they are unable to attend.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Huddersfield Catenians please contact Chris L’Estrange Telephone 01484 963303 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For further details, check the Catenian Province 3 (Yorkshire) website

Or national website