Immaculate Heart of Mary

Catholic Church in Huddersfield

Welcome to The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Welcome to The Immaculate Heart of Mary website, The Parish is centred around our two churches, English Martyrs' Church in Dalton and St Joseph's Church in Aspley, both located in Huddersfield.

Visitors to our site can find out what activities are going on in the parish and meet the local priests.The site will be kept up-to-date and each and every week you will be able to download the weekly bulletin.

We hope you enjoy your visit and come back again soon for further updates and information.

Mass for the Faithful Deceased

Our Annual Mass for the Faithful Departed takes place at St Joseph’s Church at 7pm on Thursday 3rd November. It is a special time to honour and pray for our lost loved ones. We will pray especially for those who have died in the last year at this Mass.

Margaret's Benemerenti Medal

256px Benemerenti medal front

During his recent visitation, Bishop Marcus presented the Benemerenti Medal to Margaret Kelly. It is a prestigious Papal Award in recognition of her long and faithful service. The Benemerenti Medal is a well-deserved honour given to laity and clergy for exceptional and long-standing service to the Catholic Church. Margaret has been actively involved in parish life at St Joseph’s Church for the over three decades. Margaret said: “I couldn’t believe it, it is such an honour to be recognised by the Pope. I will treasure it for the rest of my life.” First awarded in the 18th century as a military honour, the present Benemerenti Medal was designed by Blessed Pope Paul VI.  Margaret Kelly now joins an august list of past recipients, including Maria von Trapp, of The Sound of Music fame.